Longevity Colours

Blondes and lived in colours
Low maintenance beachy blondes
(8-12 weeks between visits)


FULL HEAD COLOUR includes glosses, an olaplex treatment and blowdry finish from $415

HALF HEAD COLOUR includes glosses, an olaplex treatment and blowdry finish from $375
(please note if you are going from dark to light you will need a full head colour)

GLOSS on its own we recommend for longevity colour clients between visits (6-8 weeks) from $120

OLAPLEX is included in our colours. Olaplex works to repair the disulfide bonds in your hair, these bonds are broken everyday- heat tools, chemically treated, coloured hair ect. Olaplex works to find these broken bonds and link them back together, basically insurance for your hair!

K18 is another treatment we offer here which uses peptides to reconnect broken keratin chains, restoring elasticity and strengthening your hair. Ask us about our professional services or pop in to take home one of our masks!

TREATMENTS in addition to Olaplex and K18 we have a range of other treatments you can add to your service that your hair will love you for! We can tell you all about those when you visit us.

Colour change or corrections

Ready for a change? These services are case to case, we recommend consulting us before booking.

Dark to light, light to dark or maybe a box dye slip up? Your transition may be a journey but it can be a good one. It’s important to us not only for you to love your colour every step of the way but also maintaining the integrity and health of your hair. 

Are you thinking of having a change? Message us for more info!

All over global colours and tints

GLOBAL GLOSS includes blowdry from $185

REGROWTH TINT includes blowdry from $165

Haircuts and styling

STYLE CUT includes wash and blowdry from $120
LONG TO SHORT includes wash and blowdry from $160
BLOWDRY from $70

Keratin Smoothing

The answer for those of us with frizzy and unruly, hard to manage hair.
Our smoothing treatment is for all hair types, curly, frizzy, straight or textured to smooth, and illuminate frizz. Our guests will generally get 4-6 months between visits.
We have chosen that is formulated with  non-toxic , naturally safe ingredients and best of all 100% formaldehyde free! (Formaldehyde is a huge carcinogen to us and it’s found in most keratin treatments, it’s a harmful ingredient that causes irritation to our bodies and can be cancerous… we don’t want that around ourselves or our guests!)

*not to be confused with straightening (if you have curly hair it will most likely won’t solve that problem for you) our Keratin is nourishing on your hair and make it more manageable for you!

From  $385